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We enhance the business of projects

We believe every project is a business, unique unto itself.


We look at managing projects through the lens of a business owner with the goal to make projects profitable within their schedule.

We endeavor to deliver client experiences with passion, hospitality, balance, quality and strategic vision.

We recognize the importance of both forensic and creative approaches while fostering inclusivity and providing goal-oriented results. Finding the intersection between practical and human based solutions is invigorating. Effective facilitation requires hard work; attention to detail; an appreciation of the dynamics of human interaction and often, a robust sense of humor.

We offer assessments, planning, guidance, tools and training to elevate our clients project business.


"We don't derive strength from our rugged individualism but rather from our collective ability to plan, communicate and work together."


John Cacioppo | Neuroscience Researcher

Controls management

We provide creative tracking tools to make projects more efficient and profitable.

If you have never used project controls or want to expand on your existing efforts, we can help.

  • Contract Management
  • Budget Control & Recovery
  • Schedule Tracking
  • Risk Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Information Management

Project management

We customize management strategies and reports so projects meet client quality expectations, within scope, schedule and budget.

If you want to enhance the planning, organization and oversight of your projects, we can help.

  • Scope Identification
  • Schedule Alignment
  • Budget Adjustments
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management

Construction management

We develop plans and operational strategies to increase efficiency and produce maximum results for construction projects.

If you want to improve direction and controls for projects that have fallen behind according to schedules and specifications, we can help.

  • Construction Contract Administration
  • Site Work Evaluation
  • Resource Management
  • Schedule Alignment and Monitoring
  • Progress Reporting
  • RFI and As-Built Development


Iqaluit Airport, Nunavut.

A History Channel “Project Impossible” feature project

LEED Certified, P3, Alternate Project Delivery

In Iqaluit, Nunavut, construction had many constraints due to the long freeze season and remote location. The goal was to improve accessibility and connect communities. The project  created an immediate benefit to the local Inuit families through expansion of Inuit-owned businesses, workforce training, population growth and tourism.

Leilani Ayley | former Stantec Senior Project Controller


New Orleans Permanent Canal Closures & Pump Stations.

A History Channel “Project Impossible” feature project

New Orleans, Louisiana is home to one of the largest drainage pumping systems in the world. With the risk of category 5 hurricanes, the importance of safeguarding the future of the city and surrounding communities drove decision-making on this project. With drainage concerns dating back to the birth of the city in the 18th century, the project has created a significant, positive community impact that is expected to provide protection for the next 50 years.

Leilani Ayley | former Stantec Senior Project Controller


Project Reconciliation management

Let's talk Budget Recovery

Not often do you find an individual who can speak in both Project Management and Accounting terms. A unique skill offered through our Project Controls Group. We use business solutions analytics and Microsoft Power BI reporting alongside other tools to create comprehensive client reports.


While finances can be very black and white and must be SOX compliant, sound and sustainable solutions are imbued with the human touch.

We have had huge success in bringing projects back into the black.  


We build the bridges between:

Leaders & Communication

Project Managers & Project Accountants

Designers, Contractors and Clients


We can help you turn your project budgets from red to black.


If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions...

  • Are your project budgets "in the red"
  • Do you deal with a lot of scope creep?
  • Are your projects often behind schedule?
  • Are you forecasting site work effectively?
  • Do you see projects in constellations not lines?
  • Do you want to change your project management habits?
  • Is your project management team as effective as it could be?
  • Are you having a hard time connecting the PMBOK to your consulting or construction practice?

We can help


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