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How we work


We believe in inspired action, continual learning and engaged leadership.

Our goal is always to contribute to projects through a human-centred perspective. We endeavor to deliver client experiences with passion, hospitality, balance, quality and strategic vision.


Our clients

We have worked with clients from the public and private sector and both the Canadian and US Governments. Amazing clients have opened the door for us to produce work we are proud of.


Our projects

We are known for untangling the ‘wicked-problem-projects': those multi-dimensional, rapidly evolving, many-stakeholder, disputed solution, impending crisis projects. Our team has led projects in construction and all major design disciplines (Environmental, Geotechnical, Civil, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical). We know the complexity of such endeavors and understand your challenges. Our projects range in value from $5K to $700M+ and include Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, P3 and Alternate Project Delivery.



    Step 1: Planning & Assessment

    1.  We identify your area of concern or what  you want to improve upon.

    2.  We identify related decision makers and teams.

    3. We make a plan that we all agree on.

    4. Our team will interview all parties related in order to identify strengths and weak spots; root causes or behaviors and ideal outcomes.

    Step 2: Research & Execution

    1. We break down the information we gather from you.

    2. We research further and dig deeper. We may say "tell me more about..."

    3. We sort ideas, form concepts and connect to your values and your business model.

    4. We outline our top, team-built, collaborative solutions.

    Step 3: Solutions & Training

    1. We help you determine the best, most sustainable solution for you and your company.

    2. We provide reports, assessments, audits or templates to help you engage leadership and empower your teams.

    3. We may provide training or retraining depending on your chosen solution.

    4. We encourage you to celebrate with your team. This isn't easy and we applaud you for taking the steps to enhance the business of your projects.


    Is your project management a diamond in the rough?

    People are at the core of our projects and so reflected at the heart of the diamond.

    We explore every angle and help our clients carve the facets, improving the value and clarity of their projects.

    Imagine your project management ‘diamond in the rough’ transformed into a multifaceted, platform of strength and sustainability.

    How can we help you shape the edges?  


    Our Environmental Footprint


    Here's what we are doing to reduce our impact:

    • We are active participants in Vancouver's goal to be Zero Waste by 2040.
    • We only print what we absolutely have to and we use forest free, Sugar Sheet Copy Paper.
    • Our business cards are printed when needed on wildflower seed paper that can be planted or composted instead of recycled.
    • We use city composted dirt for our lush green office plants, gardens and "plant me" gifts.
    • Our people walk and use transit whenever possible.



    1117 Broughton Street
    Vancouver, Canada V6G 2A9